Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing is obtained to manage short term cash flow. The lender offers the loan for the percentage of the inventory's value, and the stock/inventory itself serves as the collateral.

It refers to a short-term loan or line of credit acquired by businesses for working capital so that it can purchase products like stock, materials, and other goods to sell them later. This loan is mainly used by businesses that consistently deal with large quantities of inventory, such as wholesalers and manufacturers. It is beneficial to manage short-term cash flow gaps due to capital-tied-up inventory and for stocking merchandise in preparation for a busy season. Even for a thriving profitable business that needs extra funding, Inventory Financing can be very useful in making you hire more salespersons and technicians.

At Precision Lending Group, we offer accessible, flexible, and quick Inventory Financing so that you can keep focus on growing your business and satisfying your customers.

  • Inventory Loan: It is a simple loan based on the values of the business inventory. Like a standard small company loan, an inventory loan has a specified amount and is repaid either in a lump sum after selling stock/merchandise or over a fixed number of months.
  • Inventory Line of Credit An inventory line of credit can provide access to extra money on a continuing, as-needed basis, whereas funds from a loan can only be utilized once. Many entrepreneurs like to have a company line of credit accessible to them to cover unforeseen costs.


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