Transition Capital

Post-pandemic, every company is in a unique period of transition. From seemingly ever-changing workplaces and spaces to adapting the way we do business; change is a universal norm. The pandemic has not only accelerated fundamental shifts in the way we work and live, but it has also increased the need for companies to have access to “transitional capital” – capital that can more easily and quickly adapt to the changes that have already occurred and the inevitable future changes a business will go through. A company’s ability to seize new opportunities, invest in infrastructure, buy or sell a business, rebuild inventory or expand its reach all depend on access to capital. And the ability of privately owned, non-regulated capital sources to approach these situations with flexible, non-dilutive credit solutions that are tailored to the needs of individual businesses has become increasingly important in today’s climate.

Precision Lending Group works with specialty finance companies, free from the layers of approvals, bureaucracy, limitations, and regulations of most financial lending institutions. Our affiliated specialty finance companies do not start evaluating a potential credit by focusing on what is “wrong” with the business, instead they determine whether they are able to craft a bespoke capital solution that meets both the unique needs of a business and their risk tolerance.

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