The Freedom Point eBook

This eBook presents a simple methodology you can use to attain financial independence. Starting a company is not enough to enable the freedom you envisioned. Being the owner doesn’t mean you are freed from demanding customers undermining your freedom. For that kind of independence, you must sell your business and form a pool of cash that can yield the type of income you aspire to have. Trading (selling) your business can be a far-fetched and challenging decision, but you can choose to exit it. If exiting your business now can give you the monetary freedom to do what you want, it may be worth thinking about sooner.

You’ll Discover In This Ebook-

  • How to Calculate Your Freedom Point?
  • What to Do When You Hit The Freedom Point?

How to Calculate Your Freedom Point?

  • Calculate the income you will require to fund your freedom.
  • Multiply by 33
  • Estimate your wealth beyond your business.
  • Get an estimation of value for your company.
  • Calculate the cost of selling your company.
  • Add a long-term debt to your business.
  • Calculate your Freedom Point.

THE FREEDOM POINT = (Value of Investments + Net Proceeds of Selling Your Company) > Desired Income x 33

What to Do When You Hit The Freedom Point?

When your business produces nearly all your net worth, and selling it will gather enough money for the rest of your life, there’s no reason to continue possessing your business. You may enjoy the social interactions and the creative approach to building a business, but holding it may be risky, looking precisely at the numbers.

Think Of It This Way: Every day you maintain ownership in your business beyond The Freedom Point; you risk your freedom. When you’ve reached Freedom Point and want to expand but not retire, you have some excellent options:

  • Sell a Minority Stake
  • Sell a Majority Stake
  • Earn-Out

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